Welcome to the curling Sweeping Training website, this is a small web application that helps with your home training.


Press start to begin your curling sweeping training.


No download needed

No time needed to install the tool on your device.

But if you want you can download all the source code for self hosting.


You can use the tool with a smartphone, tablet, or desktop.

Stay safe

Stay healthy at home doing some sports training in this difficult situation.


You can personalise your trainig experience.

Sweeping time [s]
Pause time [s]
Audio option


me and this site/project


This is my 2020 Christmas holiday project, so that I can learn new stuff (this year JavaScript and Bootstrap). I am an amateur curler from Switzerland. Around the world the Covid pandemic restricts the ability to play curling.

This situation gave me the idea to generate a web application to help me (and maybe some others) to do something related to curling at home.

This website helps you practice sweeping at home. You can choose different parameters to personalize your experience.

I am not a software engineer and this is my first try at learning some new technologies and it is certainly not perfect. If you have any ideas for improvements, or better if you are a software developer please open an issue or submit some pull request to expand the project (repository). Thanks!

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